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Hector Cobeo
"El Salsero"

DJ Hector "El Salsero" has 15 years of DJ experience (club, mobile DJing and radio spots). He is Vermont's Premiere Latin DJ. Hector who is originally from New York City arrived in Burlington, Vermont to persue his education at the University of Vermont. Upon graduating he became employed and could not leave this beautiful state.

Hector began DJing just to hear Salsa and Play music for others. When he began playing, most Vermonters had no idea what Latin music sounded like. Hector opened up an avenue for this music.

Hector's love for this music grew. Soon he was convincing establishments to have Latin Nights. Hector has played in all the major clubs in Vermont. Hector also produces Latin Events with Latin Bands. He has also been instrumental in bringing Latin Entertainers and Latin Festivals to Vermont.

Hector "El Salsero" provides professional service to all events. When you hire Hector you receive not only a DJ but a person well-versed in the Entertainment world. His experience speaks for itself.

Hector's DJ ability does not remain with the Latin Genre. His playlist is quite diverse. His Music Library consist of Dance Favorites: R&B, Rock, Reggae, Latin, Ballroom, Big Band, and Music from the 50's - Top Hits. As his evaluations often reads - "Hector Played exactly what we wanted to hear".

References: Hector's references are diverse and plentiful. Upon request, we can provide references from wedding couples, clubs, Event directors, organizations, colleges, and music colleagues.



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